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One day a girl goes to school to see that her boyfriend was kissing another girl in the stall, she didn't say anything until school was over. She asked why he did it and he said she pulled him into the girls bathroom, held him down, and started kissing him. So the girl believed it and kissed him goodbye. Three days later,the boy was not at school. The girl asked the teacher where the boy was, the teacher said he had a severe case of syphlis. The girl was shocked. The next day she found out he got it from the girl he was kissing in the stall, she died the next day. After school she went to the boy's house and saw that he had a swollen black sore on his lip. She was crying at his bed and he said to her, "I need to tell you something," she interupted him, " I know you got syphlis from the girl at school you were kissing in the girls bathroom." he said "No, I got it from 3 different girls, I had an affair with you. I am sorry." The girl told him "How many times have you done it with them and how long has it been going on?" the boy said "I did it with the first girl 5 times. With the second girl, 3 times, and with the third girl 7 times. It has been going on ever since we got together. I hope you can forgive me." the girl said "No, I can not forgive you for what you have done, but, I still love you no matter what happens to you. The next day she heard the boy died and the girl committed suicied, she left a note saying, love is forever, I can't live without you..<3
~ Britanny ~
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