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I will make you feel special and not embarrass you anywhere , I will respect you but for now I'm just stoping jumping from page to page looking for you , I have to stop thinking of you , I just hwant ve to let it be freely or this will just destroy me as a person .
Even mountains will crumble, I already did , can't let it happen again . If my hand was infected I would cut it to save my body .
I can't call this a relationship or a life cause I'm not happy like people out there . I don't know if you'll get hurt when I cut our tie .
But I will do it cause it's necessary . I'm sorry but this is real world not a movie . I understand that you got your vengeance and its all good and congratulations, I just want to back to normal with or without you , and I'll be happy anyway still have friends and family and lot to do .
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