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Me wanting to be very rich is not because I'm greedy , its because I want you to give birth in a nice clinic , I want my brothers to be very proud of me , I want to spoil you and mydirend , I want to help people in need , I want to do a lot , but you can't expose my real personallity in front of people I don't , because at that moment I don't those people , I don't thier intentions , I protect myself and you from any lisunderstangs with them , but head over heals for you , believe me or I wouldn't write you this at 4 : 38 am .
I'm still awake and you still dancing on my mind , Why I can't have you , I don't want to have s*x right now , I just need your hugs , cuddles and warmt , I just want my arms around and sleep while kissing your cheeks and forhead , if there is any good moments , this a great one as 2018 started counting down , we have to do something to improve our conecion , our relationship , our marriage , our future , plans for kids , I want to travel with , I want to show you something you never seen or heard before , believe me , I'm matter enough to know what I want in this life and its You , because you motivate to make my wealth , If you think I was always happy without you , wait to hear this ,""" I ALMOST LOST MY MIND WHILE LOOSING YOU """"""" , if You want to I would sit next you and burry my head between your legs and let You beat me while every beat is equal something bad I did until you decide that its enough , I love you I ready do ,
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