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I hate myself for all the tomes I hurted you , Ignored , disrespect you , embarrassing you in frnt of your friends , I won't do it ever again, I promise, Just let me prove you my love by actions, please feel me , if I don't heal you, you can break with me and let me burn even though I know that I will never let you go , you have to trust me and believe in me, I confess, I visited the dark side and was one of darkest in artistic way but bI also went to the light and I found out my black color getting some brihgtness . all because of you , even thoiugh your not here with, the distance, You have to believe that You healed me, You loved me when I was a depressed kid , I adored you when You were a little girl , with the messy hair and teeth and Your wierd subjects you used to tell but i couldn't hear you clearely because I was lost trying to discover your soul , but when things fell down , I had to find my soul to get my strenght back to stand up again , and here I am , standing while I feel like I still 50 percent , You should see what How I want to become and recuperate all the things I lost, But You I don't want you to be someone I lose, I want you to trust me right now , be brave I want you to be brave, do You want to know why I do this? its because if we don't try we never succeed , and I'm ready to try millions of time untill I succeed because we have only 60 yr and it seems very long while doing nothing , but when we try something we can do it in a million different ways
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