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Just let me a St*pid person for you , I want to be with you I don't want any other females , I want you , god wrote your story with me , he created us for each other , look what my mom done to us but we forgive and I want to be rich also to send fot pilgremage to mecca , she has to see that world , It might straighten up again ,
and listen , You really didn't cheat on me , if I was presents you wouldn't have done anything but I was getting beeted by life , streets , druggs people , police , some risky stuff , but I'm over that , only for my brothers to continue because if I didn't do that we would be lost , I wouldn't find anyone to pay my schooling , my food , my cloths , the walls on the roof of my head . it was necessary , it was my fault that you got involved with other guys ,I told you to do that I remember , I was lost and didn't want yuou to be lost with but , I didn't realise that I'm the one who hurts the most , if only you could let me kiss your wounds and injuries ,
this is the last time I exist on vertual and please I am not hurting , I want us to be real , I want to make your dream becomes true .

My love , my soulmate , my headache , my pricess , my girl I'm bound to you .

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