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I taught them piano , and my friends taught him music production , he was still at mixing table now he will mix his own production .
I widh I could teach you piano , its fun , lot of touching hands , plying your fingeers , but bthe best is when I behind you trying to fix your hands posions , and as you learn your first song I hug you from behind , This is how I love , for the way act at the ancient town , it's because I don't want people there t know what I'm doing , I want to work in silence until I blossom .

If you forgive me , if your help me I will be very gratfull , I will never turn on you . I will have to always remember you gesture .
I love you to a point where I easlily , get jealous , I imagine them like pieces of sharp glass cutting you , or as wolfs eating ,
makes so angry to a point where I can't conrol myself .
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