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listen i had to cross a very long dark path , dark means that i cant talk about , i can't spell it because in a sudden i become mexture of stress , error , words , imagine when a man becomes like that , a time when i had to use any drug i could find so i can to decrease my pain ; my black list , is the past .

because life was very heard on me i had to adapt , so that now i could do this ; for now i dome but for pleasure like today I'm home alone and did ecstasy , because I'm bored and missing you ,

imagine a few years ago i've been under drugs 24/7 untill Reality for me is the way i spend my day when I'm high / but after that i started decreasing , it's the summer when you didn't come , now i ain't addicted , thats what i do in occasions or free tme .
but when i start my job i should be clean . but i think i wil try on occasions . but when i get married i will stop everything like i have never done a thing
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