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I'm gifted in lot of weird things like i can sense the vibrations of any human .
There was a time when I used to play guitar and sing at some point I stoped
Sinking in my music and I wanted to try to see how people react to it n with time
I noticing hundred of reactions , i started naming each one after that this talent
Took some kind of control in mh mind , so when I say i know who you are
Its because I was sure that youss new me before i see you , her eyes couldn't
Lie , her energy trumbled , thats how i got sure that its you sam , but what I
Don't understand is how do you wang to keep me in your heart but not in your
Life ? What if I tell you that would be the heaviest thing You'll make me carry
While I can't ! Why can't help me carry this ? What kind of love when you know
That your crushing me ? I need you to define this cause i really don't understand
To me it looks like vengeance, your not loving me but your venging , you are trying to k!ll me !
May be i look St*pid sometimes but thats because I'm smart .
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