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So many times i write things in an ironic way about some case that i know will piss you of in order to make u look at it not angrily but you do get very pissed off and i look like a monster . So its the page's fault neither of us . When i type on this pages since forever evrn i try but it feels stuck on my but like if am wearing the same diaper since i was a baby .
Thats why we need the page of so i become a baby who doesn't Sh*t in diaper .
I admit you know how to write words and make them move so everyone understand it me i don't know how have to dance some my worlds could be understood . You will never understand my writings i'm sucks at it . I don't have that gift , i just need to be calm so if you're bed or good you'll show it by yourself I can only give my best cause i'm a good person , I'm not even gonna reveale the crazy me when i'm took for granted . I only did that when i felt shamed but not anymore , any negativity in my life will just stop cause I'm not good when hypocrasiness stay for long . I become crazy n i start to enjoy it so the other person lose the last drop of blood , I prefer smart now but selfish when thing start hurting while i try giving my best
I always fail in this subject not because i don' know the answer but because i let myself get beat untill i turn crazy this is my probelm ok
did it to so many while i could stop it at first second red flag but i wait hoping for change untill m disapointed . Have no kids to feel this give me a kiss hahah
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