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Hello dear,

I know life could be so hard and You might feel belittled by some , and humiliated by some , and cheates by some , and disappointed by some , and it could even be worst .

Like me , with sad childhood , lost family members , disapointed by some family memebers , dropibg out school , getting beates in the streets , working for abusive bosses , being broke , or having problems with loved ones .

Focus with me .

Its all a process of making you a strong human being , it makes you a super human if you could handle all that .

There is that phase when you lose control and ruin everything and might last even 10 years , but always remember the lessons.

Always keep a smile on your face , always try to not treat people you meet the same way you've been treated cuz between these people you meet , you will end up with some enemies and a lot of families .

I don't want to know the bad you or the manipulative you or to know that you learned to be jocker .

All I need to know is that you have a clean phylosophy because you already been through it all .

Do you think that you live in an apartement with co-
And the teachers are mean and students getting tough
And you're far from parents is life .

Its part of the formation to make you ready for whats after .
Because if they make it easy for you , you will meet a hard life after school and you wouldn't handle it .

Thats why I don't care for your mistakes if I notice that you have learned some.
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