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I learned and I'm not gonna lie to you .
I'm trying to continue studying outta state and I wish you could follow me because , with me you might live a real farytaile .
I want to continue schooling and make my own studio and become a great artist inchaalah.
And I want to finance civil engeneering here through my brother and recrute guys who can't find a job . Inshaalah by gods will .

And I don't want my kids to taste what I been through but I will give them a good fromation in life . Inshaalah . And I wish you could be my wife cause you're my first and only love but because I'm a man who is a bit wise I want us to be of a great value .

Also , I don't xheat because you taught me long ago to avoide zeepa hahahah .

Do you believe ? You were my first and great lesson .
Also when your father used to annoy me , I felt very safe.
Cause someone could notice me when I sad and out of control.
It was a great gesture .
If I was a bad person , I wouldn't tell you all this.
I trust you .

Try to do what I told you so you could attract ony vitamines .
I'm always here and out there for you , just adress to me if you need anything , I considers you family , I like you alot.
You are a gift from god or any power of attraction in this life .
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