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Also I'm not under any drug , I just tell you based on the level of change and peace of mind that O reached . The hulk inside of me feas me now .

Empty your mind from anything negative.
Even your parents they don't complain about the money they onvest on u even if they mention it alot , the message they want to send to you , is if you eat good , if you practice , if you shower and dress good . If you have good friends . Thats because they already been through what you experience right now , so trust there intention .

I'm just like you in the same situation its only a case of if you understand what part of life your in or not .

Trust me when I tell you by god's well or any super powers that exist
You will be fine when you live a white page . Because you will see ink from miles .

I'm telling you this because at least I knew a very lovely you once upen a time . I hope you come back like before 2013 . I know how to treat you now .

Okey now I have to go , see you .
You are appreciated lil kitty .
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