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Trust me I know my problem with you , its that I was in a terrible situation , and I gave you up so that you could reach so far , because with me things could have been worst and also what I hate about this case is that You had freedom and I knew their will be new people and because I only wanted you for myself but couldn't know how because only god knows how I was barely surviving ,
I just finally in peace and not in war with life , and whatever happens between us we will always come out more stronger each time ,
And probably I will try another shot with , why ?
Because I will leave the state and to be sure that you are 100% with me , because I promissed to give the farytale you diserve .
I been through a lot that I wished someone would guide and be there for me , and you did it somehow , that why I give people without asking me for anything , my only deal is to not still from me or something or to rob someone , I spread goodness , You help kitties , I help people you would be afraid to talk to , but I reach their bottom somehow and turn them good .
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